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Just what I needed (Part Deux)

I don't have to move. My landlord just called to say they are not selling anymore, nor do they plan to in the future. They didn't want to sell but thought they couldn't afford to keep the house; now they've run the numbers and discovered they can refinance and keep it.



that's *awesome.*
i am so glad for you.

i hate moving so much, and it sounds like you really like where you live...
Whew. <(lucky....)
That's great! :D
aw :( You coulda found a better place with nicer wallpaper

But you don't have to deal with a move :)
What a blessing. I'm happy for you. :)
Wonderful! Especially if you hate moving as much as I!!!
Hey, that's a definite praise!!!!!
I'm so happy for you! :-)
Good news, indeed!