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My charmed life

I'm falling more and more in love with Eels.

Still adjusting to the news about my landlord putting the house on the market. By the end of the day yesterday, my concentration and ability to think were already shot. Even so, anticipating the worst case scenario is an important part of my thought process, so when I pulled the envelope from the mailbox, I prepared myself for exactly the letter that was inside. A couple of weeks ago a man had been by to measure the house for the landlord in for a siding estimate, so the thought had already crossed my mind.

One of banzai's rules for living: Always see it coming.

With some of the encouragement from here, however, I'm beginning to hatch a plan. That's one of the reasons for that rule. I should know more tonight or tomorrow.

It's a challenge to pray more than I plan, or even to pray at all until I have an idea to pursue. So far it's not a challenge I've had much success in meeting.

And just as I typed this here at Irwin's, one of the landlords came in and we talked a bit about some options. Before today, I hadn't seen her since I moved in during the summer. Funny, that. Welcome to my life.
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