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Remains of the day

Went to the U District to buy a frame for a "Millennium Gate" poster from the "11:59 " episode of Star Trek: Voyager that I bought from Rick Sternbach. Major geek chic. On the way, I took an unplanned detour to take in Ghost World at the Neptune. Interesting; I'm glad I went.

Just finished typing up the weekly prayer and comment cards at the Canterbury. People's pain is so real and God's work is so beautiful. I cry every time.


ghost world

I loved "ghost world'. It's close to reality down here. I know all of those 78 record geeks...they really aren't that stupid & fussy. I actually have had Lionel Belasco CD's for a few years. The king of 1920's calypso. It's my kind of geekiness. Never got fully into Star Trek. I hang out with lots of funny people like the ones in that movie.

Re: ghost world

I enjoyed the film, though "enjoy" seems a somehow inappropriate adjective for the experience. There's a wealth of knowledge and background for any hobby/obsession, but the 78 collecters were particularly fascinating to me. I envy the knowledge and shared language. I should learn more.

Re: ghost world

Some of those guys are geniuses, perverts, and psychotic. But so interesting.