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Just what I needed

I have to move in April or May. My landlord is selling the house. I hate this.


Buy it!
Oh, I wish I had that kind of money. I doubt I ever will. It's not an extravagant house, or even a big one, but Seattle properties in city are insane. A church administrator with no savings will never be in that kind of market.
At least go to a bank and see what you qualify for. There are so many ways for first time buyers to get in...it can't HURT to find out.
yeah.. what she said. :)

never hurts to ask.
yes. what she said.

or maybe see if a friend will buy it with you - there are a couple units right? that's either rental income or space for another family to live when they buy.

I LOVE your apartment. Don't leave there!

Oh no

I'm so sorry. I know that you love where you live.
Man, I'm sorry, Lee. That stinks.
Boy, this sounds familiar.... I can sympathize with you in this situation now. God totally surprised me with what came after my forced move, so if you'll take any advice at all, it's this: Keep your eyes open for the amazing and the miraculous. We know God has a plan in store for you and your housing, but it's going to be much bigger and better than you are imagining right now. Hang in there, and keep us updated. :-D
Oi; this is happening all too frequently to my friends lately. :( The city's just exploding again...
Oh I'm so sorry Lee. I know how much you love your new place. I'll be praying for you.
You'll find a better place with nicer wallpaper :)
aww, i'm sorry to hear.
may the LORD provide you with something even better.
Lame. )-: I look forward to seeing how God's going to provide for you--but I know it ain't gonna be fun for major parts of the interim.
Dude, that's horrible! You haven't been there that long either. And the finished concrete floors!!!!!

Wait, buy the house from him!
wow. i feel as though i'll be an echo to most of the comments already posted...

what a bummer. the buying is an interesting idea. check out HUD: they've got some great stuff for first-time house buyers if you're seriously entertaining that option. You never know....

peace be with you, Captain. my prayers are.
When it rains...

I'll be praying about this.
not great news. *hugs* here's hoping you're moving up with your move out.
oh no! i'm sorry!
We already know how God looks out for you regarding your living situation. I hate to think this home is pegged for flames like your last 'dream home' ugh! But you might do your landlord a favor by giving him a heads up. :/

In any case, I am certain, as history has revealed that God has something even better in store. Lots of prayers for you in the meantime.