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When opportunity knocks, don't answer the door

A disturbing eCard to receive from your mother.

Thankfully, her note at the end said, "Here's hoping you have a happy birthday & that this card is not obscene (I can't view it on this computer)." Whew.


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Hmmmm....from your mother, huh? Hmmmm....
I was very relieved when I got to her note at the end!
That would definately be disturbing to get from your mother. haaaaaaaaaaa
More than a bit creepy.
She's not the most computer savvy woman on the planet.
Funniest thing I've read today!
But not as funny as Troy's repartée with Robin Williams!
LOL, she can't view it ;)
Poor Mom!
Thank you-that made my day...lol
oh! and i hope your birthday is shnarfy!!!
Happy Birthday my sweet friend!
Aw, thank you!
wow. amazing. :)

a very happy birthday to you, with new graces for this day... because i have a feeling that the father has way more in store for you than you could ask for or imagine.
That's a good and trustworthy feeling. Thank you.
That would be disturbing!
Happy Birthday!!
Thank you! I feel Extra Ordinary (Baby)!

laughing. really, really hard.
I knew you'd appreciate it!
Is there a word for Reverse Oedipus? ... besides disturbing that is.
If there is, I'd rather never have an occasion to learn it!
Happy Birthday Lee! :)
Thank you! You even have an icon for it!
Oh Happy Day!
I hope the Lord richly blesses you this next year.
Thank you!
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