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Too much

Even though I work in a pretty extroverted field, I'm an introvert. I don't dislike people or anything (well, sometimes I do...), but it can be a drain to be with people all day long. The real kickers, though, are those hyper-energy extroverts who always seem to be looking for a response of some sort from me. One of them (an employee) is in the outer office, so I'm hiding. Shhhhhh...

I just know she'll pop her head in the door any second, probably starting with the phrase, "I have a question..." I hate that. If you have a question, ask the question. The phrase "I have a question" steadily drains precious milliseconds of my life, and far more of my energy for listening to people.

Uh oh, I'm grumpy again. Probably because I didn't have lunch again.