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Full speed ahead

As I mentioned in a comment to a prior entry, I've felt so busy that I'm not only wondering where the time is going, but also losing my entire sense of time. Much doing, little being. Discipline has nosedived (nosedove?), and I'm only barely prepared for Community Group tonight.

Bits of silly firefighting at work, rabbit trails and distractions from where we need to focus. Not a thing to worry about, and my frustration with their occurrence is even diminishing over time. Work hard in season, but don't take oneself too seriously. If neglect the former, I'm shunning the easy yoke and light burden of Jesus, the very one that comes along with the rest He promises (Matthew 11:28-30). If I don't do the latter, I'm trying to take that yoke upon myself instead of sharing it with Him, and it will surely crush me.

Funny how easy all these things are to say.

At Vivace, finishing my coffee. Would normally be using my headphones by now, but they've been playing Stevie Wonder. I can never say no to Stevie Wonder.
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