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Valentine's angst

Regarding the onslaught of self-absorbed whining that proceeds from the mouths and keyboards of (some) single people on Valentine's Day: I wonder if they also get bent out of shape whenever someone else celebrates an anniversary?


Probably. Not as publically, I'm sure, but certainly on an internal level :(
You may be right, but that makes me sad and frustrated. I can understand grieving loss or lack, but at some point I'd hope we might be able to grasp that there just might be things in this world that are about someone other than us and let them be (and in the case of good things, let them be enjoyed).
I know. I agree.
hehe, i love the "singles awareness day" cliche.

if you can't laugh about it, that's just S.A.D.

Hee hee - I never thought of that. I don't really care about today one way or the other. To me - it's just another day. Not a big deal and not worth flipping out about. :)

opt in versus opt out

Well, to me it's a totally different thing to celebrate a marriage between two people versus my singleness being highlighted and pitied. Not to mention the fact that some people who are together this valentines day might not even be together tomorrow, let alone next valentines day.

It should be an opt-in holiday like kwanza or something. "Do you celebrate valentine's day?" "No." "oh. anyways, as I was saying...."
Personally...not really...unless I'm in a really bad spot...plus, anniversaries don't come with a zillion and one ad campaigns that remind one of unwanted singleness...I can take one reminder fairly easily, it's the sheer number of reminders this day that have tended to make it hard...

At least this year, even if the singleness hasn't changed, I'm dealing with the day a lot better. There's always hope for next year (or next month or next week or tomorrow).
OMG. It's Valentine's Day today!

I've been typing 2/14 non-stop. Helloooo.
I know the feeling. I feel as if I have no time, to the point where I'm losing my sense of time. Bleh.
was this a lesson you learned at some point? or did you always see it from that perspective?
With Valentine's Day, I think it's pretty much always been that way. I just have a lot of trouble taking it personally that I'm not celebrating the holiday in a romantic fashion. I can certainly be subject to bouts of lonleliness and/or self-pity, but I don't really attach them to February 14th in any specific way. That just seems even more self-centered to me, I guess—as if the world has somehow committed an offense against me by having a holiday I don't get to celebrate the way I want to.
Yeah. I hardly give Valentine's much of a thought. If I don't like it for any reason, it's probably because of the typicalness of it. It doesn't require much thought or love. Surely there's something more romantic than flowers(that'll die in a couple of weeks) and chocolate(which rots teeth). But that's just me being cynical. I'd prefer someone picking a random day to do nice things for me rather than buying an obligatory gift on the national significant other recognition day.

If I'm ever self-pitying myself because of my singleness, it's usually when I'm at my loneliest or when I feel like I'm surrounded by married people, people getting married, or people obsessed with getting married.

Really though, you're right about singless being the gift GOD's given now. HE knows what's best.
oops. left out a couple of letters.
i've just made it funny, though some years it seems poorly timed. anniversaries are great. my parents have been married for 46 years. it makes me proud of them. i do feel as though i've let them down though.
the important thing is...i forget what it is, but it's nothing to do with me.

hope you are well. seeing anybody these days?
...it's nothing to do with me.

Regarding Valentine's Day for the disgruntled, that's the very thing.

I am well. The lines have fallen in pleasant places for me. I see lots of people; some of them even see me sometimes. But not on a regular basis.
Hah. I thought of this today. I was like, "I am single. It's Valentine's Day." And then I thought, "So what."

And this old guy at work gave me a Valentine. (It's not sexually motivated or anything.) And I felt blessed for that.

(I should post this in my journal.)
That's cute, and a blessing.

I think I tire of people poo-pooing blessings because the blessings they have (right now) aren't the blessings they (think they) want (right now). It's really OK for others to be blessed in ways that are different from me. I'm glad you understand that, too.
You know, it's true. The greatest blessings are in the very smallest things. I'm beginning to appreciate that more and more.

(Read Mister Rogers.)