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Being able to use TiVo's 30-second skip feature to zip past the Kelly Clarkson portions of last night's Saturday Night Live: Priceless.


HAH! Did you see my post from last night?
I did! I haven't had much LJ time, but it's nice to know I'm not alone. I do my best to completely ignore all of the American Idol hoopla—I was ready for this fad to be over when it started. In the meantime, when I can't ignore it completely, I have TiVo.
I can't stand American Idol, or Kelly.
See? I knew I liked you.
I'm sold.
I'm stammering because your eyes are completely captivating in that userpic. Mere mortal men cannot withstand them.
I just fainted.
You looked at your own userpic, didn't you? That needs an advisory or something.
Now I'm dead.
Well that sucks.
I died with my eyes open, if it's any colsolation.
It will take me weeks to sort through the conflicting emotions. Because, even though you're dead, it's all about me.
amen brother
and check out THIS user pic for some captivating eyes :D
Take it awayyyyy!