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Home maintenance

Limiting my expectations for the week is probably a good idea. John's in St. Louis, which means I have a bit more margin at work. Not that he's high maintenance by any stretch (and when he is, he has the right to be—he's the boss); it's just always easier for me to get a lot done in an empty office. But somewhere in my mind, that freedom tends to translate into an expectation of more downtime when that may not be what's best. Plenty of good work to do yesterday, and I imagine today will be more of the same.

I will, however, want to be sure to get some rest in before Community Group tonight. We may have a full house, and we're planning to continue moving through a chapter from John White's Daring to Draw Near on prayer for others, looking at Paul's prayer for the Ephesian believers. If God's going to grow us out of some of our self-absorbed navel-gazing, there are some big shifts ahead. That's exciting, and important for me to remember that it's His work, not mine. My responsibility as a leader is not to change others—it is to be faithful to my Lord.

Being up early and cutting back on dining/coffee out resulted in my feeling much hungrier through the day yesterday, even though I probably ate more rather than less. My body will adjust and be better for having a more normal routine, I'm sure. Successfully made some brownies for CG tonight. Even with something as simple as that, I'm trying to stay in a more regular cooking groove.

Funny how learning to be a better steward of my resources and of my time go hand in hand.

Lent is almost here. Not quite sure what I may give up as a discipline. The things that intimidate me are probably the best candidates, but I'm both a spoiled brat and a chicken. Any ideas?
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