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Very busy this week. Tried to write here a couple of times during the past couple of days, but ended up with whining, meandering, meaningless garbage that would serve no purpose to record, much less to inflict upon the wayward websurfer. Bottom line is just busyness and distance—lots of time with people but very little connection. And you know, that really is OK, in its measure and season. Treasures are by definition rare.

Even thought I've felt like I've been having trouble keeping up at the office sometimes, I do think I've prioritized well and been very productive. It's not all earth-shakingly meaningful stuff, but it's all Kingdom work. How wonderful never to have to question that. The lines have fallen in pleasant places for me.

So this is the earliest I've been home this week, and I've got a couple of good hours behind me as well. Glad I had Sunday's leftovers waiting in the fridge and breadbox. Life management is often the first stuff to slide for me—I didn't even remember until last night that I had rent to pay. I don't think I'm going to make it much longer without a shot of discipline. That's ten times as true in my spiritual life.

Caught up with LiveJournal reading as well, though I'll confess some skimming. I'll also confess that it can be overwhelming for me in some respects. So many lives going so many directions; so many personalities expressing so much. Sometimes I want to ask the same questions over and over: Do you know who God is? Are you letting Him tell you who you are? Can you live in that? Can you rest in that?

I need to answer those questions, too. The rest is gravy.


I listened to Jane Monheit(sp) a little bit tonight at Border's. She does have a lovely voice.

I'm sure that when I live on my own and have rent to pay that I'll be forgetting about it too. I have so much to learn and I need a ton of discipline in my personal life and in my spiritual life. I'm working on it though.

I wish you a great rest of the week. :)

Jane is something else. And she's in love with me (don't tell her I told you).
sorry that the day you caught up on your journal reading, is the day mine is clogged up with drama by my own doing. if you go down a few entries, there's a song posted. that's much better than what's most recent.
have a goodnight. GOD bless.
For some reason, the first post from yesterday never appeared on my friends' page, though I could see it when I went to your journal.That's just plain yuck, and that person (besides being wrong) was being destructive and using (his image of) God as an excuse. That's often a good time to pray and walk away, entrusting him to God's care, pursuit, and tutelage. Sorry you had to deal with that. It was evil.

Thanks for the song and the comment. God knows who you are. You are who He said you are.
Thanks for the kind thoughtful words. It's appreciated.
Do you know who God is? Are you letting Him tell you who you are? Can you live in that? Can you rest in that?

You always ask the best questions, my friend.

Thank you. I need them.