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End of a week

Had to work a bit today, which isn't my favorite day-off activity. Nothing too stressful and I was done by 13:00; it's just the principle of the thing. In all honesty, I haven't a thing to complain about and I know it. And I haven't been chronically busy 100% of the time lately—just enough to feel off balance and unwilling/unable to connect with my life and the people I want in it. I can feel myself winding down a bit now, though, and that's most welcome.

Saw In Good Company with Anne last night. moneysocal, remember when your friends made you see Elektra instead of this? I'm no longer convinced you got the raw end of the deal. This movie was a mess. Characters, pacing, and plot flowed as if edited via Cuisinart. Annoying product placement and "hip" soundtrack-for-the-sake-of-sales. I (continue to) find Scarlett Johansson thoroughly uncompelling. And the muddled underlying theme supported an idolatry of vocation and career that I've found to be A) destructive, and B) patently false. Topher Grace was fairly engaging, but otherwise, not recommended.

Since people seemed to like when I posted pictures:
Shoes Thinking about getting these shoes.
Connor is coming over and we are going to be the hugest geeks in the world in front of my TiVo tonight.
SciFi Friday
EDIT: Seems pics.livejournal.com is down for the moment, hence the blanks where pictures would be. Figures.

EDIT 2: Back now.


I (continue to) find Scarlett Johansson thoroughly uncompelling.

Yes! Someone who agrees!
Indeed. I enjoyed Lost in Translation, but that was more despite her flouncing around in her panties than because of her.
I think that it was overrated.
I agree, too.
Love the shoes. They're so you. :-D

Re: Enterprise... my Mom & siblings just finished watching this episode (we're on the east coast)... I saw the last 5 minutes. You'll enjoy it. Next week's episode looks interesting too.

::sigh:: Wish we had Sci-Fi... so many cool shows and X-Files reruns. :-D
Those shoes are rad.

BTW, a while back you wrote an entry about purity (I think). Do you remember when that was and can you point me in the direction of that post?
Here it is. I would have had a heck of a time finding it, but I have a great LJ client.
That whole MAC/PC barrier keeps me from getting your client on my PC.


Thanks for the link.

Do you know about shock_n_awe and this post???
Come home to Apple, Chip.

No idea about how shock_n_awe and this post are related. 'Splain, please?
She saw the post, printed it off, and has manged to pass it out to half of the Southern Region of the USofA.

She works for a non-profit place where they take in unwed moms and moms-to-be. She printed them off for those girls. She's printed them off for her Sunday school class.

She loves it! She said it is much better than CATS. She said she wants to read it again and again.
Seriously? Wow, I'm honored.

Purity is an area I struggle with a lot, in terms of what I want and what it means to want what God says is beautiful. Honestly, I'm sometimes envious of people who are living by their own sexual rules, even while I'm also aware of how they're getting a beautiful thing so very wrong. The beauty is still there, and I still want it—the trick is whether I want it under God's terms or my own.
I had no idea . . . NO IDEA how great the married side of the issue could be. I always thought of marriage as a kind of "settling" into an area because I couldn't manage outside of marriage (like Paul talking about if someone "burns with passion"), but what I found was God's blessing and realizing that passion exists for a reason, and glorifies God when it is used as He intended.

I know I'm preaching to the choir. Just my two cents.
The choir can use some preaching. And the hard part to accept on this side of marriage is that purity and restraint are also good—that if they are God's design for me, there is goodness to be experienced in them, beyond the idea of "because marriage will be so great if I wait." Because He says so.
I had enormous struggles w/ purity before I got married, and now I look back and I'm just like, "Why? Why? WHY?"

The believing right now is difficult, but when you are on the other side of it you get it. Perhaps even now in this life we get glimpses through a glass that isn't so dark.
how does enterprise rank with TNG and DS9? i haven't watched enterprise, yet. i'm slow to get involved in a series.
Better effects, no doubt. It's hit-or-miss elsewhere, though this season is very full of references and background to the original series, which is a blast.

DS9 is still by far my favorite.
I haven't a thing to complain about and I know it...off balance and unwilling/unable to connect with my life and the people I want in it.


on the movie, my sentiments exactly. such a mess.

glad you're winding down. keep it up. or...down. :o]
I can't see your pictures :(
They seem to be back (for the moment). :)
Have you seen Million Dollar Baby, yet? Will you see it if you haven't?
Hadn't planned on it...
Okay, nevermind then.


Did you like About a Boy?

spoiler alert!

Saw IGC yesterday, and while I'm no fawning fan of Ms. Johansson I found its perspective to be neither a) destructive, nor b) patently false. It would have been one thing if the Topher Grace character had turned into Dennis Quaid's; what the movie leaves us with is not the falsehood that work alone is fulfilling (which would be almost counter-cultural for a H'wood film) or the ever-prevelant lie that romantic love is the salve that heals all wounds (Garden State), but that purpose and vocation are vital. It does not attempt to prescribe the Quaid character's work ethic, much less explicate it for us; in the way that the film shows us how he and Topher Grace's character learn from each other, we see that not all is perfect or simple in his world, either— an intentional note underlined by the newborn being another daughter and not the son he had hoped for. The running on the beach, the main character at loose ends: the film ends on a question, not an answer.

Hardly one of the best films of the year, and not particularly artful (good songs, but very much a commercial stab, yes), but with About a Boy (which I thought was a terrific postmodern view of family, and besides that very funny and appropriately bleak) and this, the Weitz bros. are attempting to diagnose some societal ills that we usually don't see addressed in mainstream film. That alone puts it in a different ballpark than the Electras— though I enjoy Jennifer Garner kicking-ass in halter-tops as much as the next man does.

Maybe it caught you on a bad day.