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Playing my part

...turn away my eyes from all that is vile,
   grant me life by Thy word.

—Psalm 119:37 (New English Bible translation)

Last night's devotion was so helpful in sorting through so much junk I've accumulated in my life. The sorting doesn't bring any healing in and of itself, but it helps my rusty heart begin to see what to pray, what to hope, what to trust, and even where to work. The healing, the quickening...that's His part.

As I was telling Ann on Tuesday night, there's part of our struggle that's easy, even though it may not seem so: we either accept the freedom that's been given to us in Christ, or we don't. Everything before and everything after may be a struggle, even an extraordinary one. But that one critical point is simply binary. We either do or do not. And it is a point most of us will revisit constantly, to be sure.

So will I stay in the chains, or will I walk free? Will I put on my dead, old self, or will I put on Christ, the Risen One, and live as a new creation? Which fight will I be in? Which story will I live in?

Here's the secret: I don't think that decision is mine, either. He's the one who can open my eyes and unstop my ears and make my lame legs walk. He's the one who wakes me up from my sleep, the one who not only frees me but tells me I'm free. He has begun a good work in me and will see it through.

There is still and always a part for me to play. Thank God. But thank God also that the play's success does not depend on my own ability to remember my lines. He will build this in me, and is doing so even now.
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