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Started the process of consolidating my digital music onto my iBook yesterday. My main impetus is the fact that this will enable me to play it all over my sound system via TiVo; I'd been doing this a bit already, but having the whole library available is pretty exciting. It's also a bit of a pain because of incorrect or inconsistent information tags, but baby steps. Plus, it's good to know music won't be lost if my Twentieth Anniversary Mac crashes again. For a circa 1997 machine, it's being a real trooper.

Jonathan is learning the ropes of Sunday service coordination with me this morning. He volunteered last week, and not only will it be good to have someone else who can cover or rotate with me, but it will also prepare us to add an evening service soon. That's our hope and prayer, anyway—we still haven't gotten word back from the church from whom we lease the building.

Melissa is hosting a lunch for our Community Group after service today. People really seem to be hungry to spend time together, which by any measure is probably a good thing. I don't feel that need as acutely, however, and sometimes I wonder if that makes me a bad leader. Once a week as a group is usually plenty for me. After worship services, I usually just want to do my job (cleaning up and locking up) and go home, or occasionally have lunch with one or two people. My need to "group" is smaller and well met by what we already do.

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