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Community Group in a few minutes, my first to lead solo. Nothing radical, since it's the same group, same study, etc., yet I'm finding that I feel pressure to be better prepared. That's a good thing.

In some respects, I've missed leading solo. I really haven't done it since before the Year of Hell. Maybe it's gifting, maybe it's ego, maybe some of both, but there's something about it that's extremely comfortable and comforting, like doing what I was made for.

That said, I've got a lot of growing to do, so much so that I can't possibly overstate the point. I'm impatient and uncompassionate, selfish and undisciplined. My life, viewed as a whole, isn't something I'd want my group to emulate. We're going to have to grow together, which is God's intent. And I'm going to have to grow a lot on my own—grow out of myself and grow into myself. I'm blessed to see hints of that growth, to have a sense of which way to go and which bridges to burn. It's entirely too easy for me to move backward.


"like doing what I was made for" = VOCATION

Good thing.
What's that song "everyday people" like? Never heard of it.
I'm humming it, but you can't hear me.

Very 80's, very Jett, medium tempo, and includes such immortal phrases as "ooooh, sha sha" and "and so on and so on and scooby doobie doobie"
haha! I was expecting more .... depth? zen? mysticism? ... to the lyrics with that title.

Never listened to Joan Jett by the way ... but I do seem to recall hearing one of her songs on the radio when I was a bit younger.
It was on at the coffee shop. Fun stuff.
Was listening to Hebrews this morning along the same lines. I must need to write about it. All I'll say here is - what a blessing to be a son who is disciplined! :o]