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Mood indigo

Great thing about today: the snow. Absolutely beautiful. Watched it fall in huge flakes when I woke up before dawn. Made first tracks when I walked to the bus stop. Loved the way it made the trees look and the way it brought people out to play later in the morning.

Good thing about today: work. Nothing amazing; things just went smoothly and I was able to have a few hours downtime between the morning service and our monthly prayer meeting in the evening.

Not-so-good thing about today: my mood. Thankfully, it hasn't been a problem when I'm with others; only when I'm alone. Mostly, I keep myself distracted, but once that loses its appeal, I have to own up to the fact that I'm melancholy and discontent. Basically, I'm done with today and want to skip ahead to tomorrow, where I can work and have more distractions. Time isn't on my side.


First tracks are awesome.

I agree—the little delights are especially necessary in the restless times. And I have a sense that you can relate in ways not everyone can, so your encouragement is particularly special. Thank you.