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Pizza perfection

Omigosh! The Chicken Rosemary Primo is back, and I am the happiest man alive!


Aaw, man! They're only available in Washington
*pout* ;)
Move to Seattle!

(But hardly anyone can really do barbecue here, so I miss Texas sometimes!)
You mean there is someone who does real barbecue there???
I probably shouldn't mention how I prefer Texas barbecue to North Carolina barbecue, should I?
Are you kidding???? I HATE NC barbecue! HATE IT!!!!

Then again, I like Memphis style bbq. :)

But my homemade sauce is the BEST!!!!
Yeah, the barbecue is pretty darn good here, as is the Tex-Mex :)

Point conceded ;)
Yep, I checked. DARN IT!!!
hurrah! yummy, yummy pizza!
Mmmm, that looks good!
I saw this on the menu.

It is time for the "pìece de résistance" - dessert. Crème Caramel is one of the best loved French desserts and it is now a rich gelato. The creamy, caramel custard flavor is sure to be a favorite.

Now aint that just flan????
OK..that looks so good that I might just have to fly to Seattle and try some of it ;)

Oh and if we're speaking of barbeque...Memphis is the best..NC sucks (even though I live in NC)..and TX is also delish!!

Umm I'm making myself so hungry.
I am deliciously jealous about the area where you live (no pun intended)!

If I visit Seattle (which I fully intend to do someday), could you send some recommendations to healersdaughter@yahoo.com about where I should go?