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"Jesus, He knows me"

Another semi-kick ass day at the office. Nothing earth-shaking, and I don't expect every day to feel this way or else it's awful, but man, it does feel good to be in a groove. Finished a draft of a quarterly Sunday volunteer schedule, which, when finalized, will save me oodles of work until April.

One of my Community Group members calls me every Tuesday to make sure we're having group that night. That's not my favorite thing, so now I screen her calls. Maybe now coming to group will feel like a big surprise for her every week. Are we meeting? It's anybody's guess! Oooh, the excitement! The adventure! The drama! The anticipation! And next week...it all happens again! The suspense is almost unbearable.

Spurgeon is breathtaking tonight.


*chuckle* you SOUND chipper.

Good on you ..
i just like the phrase "semi-kick ass". it's flippin sweet.
It's only, like, one of my best phrases ever.
It feels great to be on your game. No doubt about it. :)

Sounds like that girl has ulterior motives. :)
Sounds like she just wants a reason to call you. :)
Yeah, I also get aggravated by people who are unable to remember a standing appointment. :P
I wish I could be one of those people that says kick ass, but it just wouldn't work for me.

You? It works.
I'm throwing my two-cents in with those who suggested she has ulterior motives! If it truly is a weekly meeting, then come on - no one's that stupid. And she always calls YOU? Not others in the group? If it was me, and I really didn't remember, every week, I wouldn't call the same person to ask all the time! Maybe she just likes the sounds of your dulcet tones on the telephone. ;)