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Friends, IKEA, and colorful balls

After work and worship yesterday, went with Anne and Nathan to IKEA. Zoo. Absolute zoo. My main purpose was to get a replacement floor/reading lamp, but the one I wanted was out of stock (in a frickin' warehouse, no less). Still, I stocked up with guest slippers, silverware, a bathmat, closet curtains, and a cool blue thingy. By the end of our afternoon, I was completely exhausted and no good for company.

Still, good meatballs.

Felt good to be back at work today. I've been terribly moody about that lately, so it was nice to be productive and focused.

A leftover Christmas story: my friend Beth took a painting class this fall/winter, and decided to send cards featuring prints of her work. Her first effort was an attempt to make Christmas ornaments, "but," she said, "I just ended up with something that looked like colorful balls." Naturally (and immaturely), I burst out laughing. "I want one of those!," I said. "Because nothing says Christmas like colorful balls!" And now, a card rests on my mantle. Written inside:
Nothing says Christmas like "colorful balls."
She's the best.

On a separate note, my tongue is going to be bloody before this passes. I just know it.


it was but a few years ago, I had to ask someone what "blue balls" were. I didn't know ... and if they told me correctly, I don't think you'd want them at Christmas time.

You beating your tongue up again? Stop that!
They are the gift that keeps on giving.

My tongue wants to speak while my brain knows I should be silent.
Guest slippers?????
I think that's when you hope the previous guest didn't have athlete's foot :D
Claro que si.
My place has finished concrete floors, and it's one of the terms of my lease that my guests and I will remove our shoes. Hence guest slippers, which are customary in Japan.
You wouldn't happen to have a photo of finished concrete floors, would you?
Yeah, would you?

I have ripped out all my carpet and am considering the concrete floor route. Or tile. Help!
No luck—I only have a digital camera on my Sidekick, and the pictures don't come out well enough that you can see anything.
Wahhh. Oh well. :)