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"Time is the fire in which we burn"

Is there a human being who doesn't wish to go back in time, and to correct a mistake, to undo a loss, to redress a humiliation, and to control what comes next?

Constance Kaplan, MFT (from The Butterfly Effect DVD features)


I'm afraid of having that power. I'd change far too much without knowing the consequences to others and to myself.
So true...we are shaped out of the chaos we create...the faux pas we stir and the people we tick off. If we changed all that, we may end up becoming what we are not.

I'll stick to the buffoon I am at times to a 'perfect gentleman' that never gets in trouble.


Only one. And He had power over the grave as well. :)
That movie hung around in my head for days... although it didn't help any that I inadvertantly watched the Director's Cut, instead of the theatrical release.
I have yet to see "The Butterfly Effect". Every time I think about seeing it something keeps me from watching it. Not that I think it will be bad. I have only heard good things about it. I think it's just that it's a lot to take in. I have to be in the right mood to watch it I guess.

There are plenty of things I wish I could change, but at the same time I believe that everything happens for a reason. It's important to look ahead instead of stopping to look back at what cannot be changed. What I really want to focus on is what I can change now in the present so that my future can be what I hope it can be. It's not easy but i'm getting there.
this man clearly doesn't believe in God.
I was tempted to see that movie, because it's a subject I think about often (time travel, alternate universes, the effects of our decisions, predestination v. free will). Would it be worth watching?
I think it is, for exactly those reasons. There's lots of of disturbing stuff, too, but I'm finding it worth wading through.
at lunch today we were discussing this subject; and i think my conclusion is that while ideally i would not like to have regrets...live my life in such a way as not to merit regrets, its the human condition to have regrets; but its the working through them, accepting them, recognizing what went wrong and moving on from there. i'm still trying to accept God's role in all this and yes i know it should be foremost, no excuses. anywho, thought i'd share.