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Bachelor night

Went to the office today. When I unplug from work for more than a couple of days, there's a dread that creeps in when I think of going back, or when I don't go back. I think it's partially a remnant of the Year of Hell, when I had a knot in my stomach every day when I woke up. This job and this time is completely different, but maybe it's easier to roll back to that fear and depression once you've had it. Nevertheless, the truth is different than the dread I build up in my head and gut. So I hauled myself in, cleared the piles of paper off of my desk (they were seriously discouraging me), and had a reasonably productive day. Hoping for more of the same tomorrow.

Most likely skipping a game night tonight—I had CG Tuesday, went out with Anne, Nate, and Nathan last night, and have two New Year's Eve parties tomorrow night, so I'm just not feeling excited about filling up tonight as well. Instead I'm having dinner courtesy the Wing Zone (they sent me a coupon for free wings that expires tomorrow) and a beer or three. It's bachelor night, folks, and the TiVo is chock full o' Lost.

*Since I usually watch Smallville, I'm only now catching up with Lost. I know I'm very late aboard the long train of accolades, but this show is pretty cool!

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