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Fog has drifted in and out all day, in my city and in my head. Drug in to work a few hours, but had trouble prioritizing just what to do. Oh well—something got done, and that's better than if I'd stayed home and been a lazy lima bean.

The fact that my Roomba seemed to be trying to mate with the speakers in my living room last night is vaguely disturbing. At least take them out for a nice dinner first, champ. And get a room (other than mine).

Oh, I broke a lamp, too. Not Roomba's fault.

Phil and I joked this afternoon about wearing Utilikilts on Sundays to increase attendance. You gotta work with what God gave ya.

Sometimes, in my more lucid moments, I'm aware that I'm this close to running like hell from God. That can't be good. But the Truth has spoiled me. I can only live on a diet of lies for so long before I vomit. I just wish I'd stop going back.

CG tonight. I want us to pray about the Indian Ocean tragedy, which weighs so heavily and yet somehow not heavily enough. This flesh fights my new heart with every beat. Each is attached to so many other things.

What do you see?
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