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Decompression week

It's a minimal week for work. "I want you to go into the office as little as possible," John told me a couple weeks back, so I'm gladly obeying. This morning it's Irwin's for coffee and bagel, reading and writing. Beautiful sunshine in my city today. It's a good day to be free.

John preached a positively kick-ass sermon yesterday. Not so much for style or flash, but simply for content. It was on Luke 2:1-20, the Christmas story retelling immortalized by Linus' recitation in A Charlie Brown Christmas (can you imagine such a thing being tolerated in a Christmas special today?). John took us through the concepts we all think we know (Savior, manger, Bethlehem, shepherds) and discussed their actual, contextual meanings. It was all new and surprising to me, and helped me to see Christmas and Jesus in a completely new way. You can listen here if you like; I really recommend it. I was stunned by the meaning of it all.

A woman just ordered a latté with four shots. Nothing like the sensation of your heart exploding in your chest to wake you up in the morning.

The earthquake/tsunami tragedy is on my mind and heart. So much death. I hate how casual so many of us (the privileged and unaffected) are in the face of such devastation. We might feel it for a bit, but we have the luxury of going back to our entertainment, our celebrities, our distractions. It makes compassion all the more glorious, and I don't want to minimize the good things that happen in the least. Even that, though, often takes the form of some kind of production in our culture, and often stops short of real sacrifice. I guess I'm just tired of all the other things we continually worship, and maybe I'm tired of my stuff most of all.


i think (i could be wrong here) that in many places, it goes as so:

12 oz = 2 shots
16 oz = 3 shots
20 oz = 4 shots

i know that's the standard at starbucks, so it's not gospel by any means. i always add one, to me the goal is to have 1 shot of espresso per every 4 ounces of other stuff.

caffeine-wise, 4 shots of espresso has a similar, but slightly lower caffeine content than a typical 16 oz cup of brewed coffee. so while most people might drink a triple americano for instance, they're getting roughly 120mg of caffeine, while that same cup of brewed coffee is getting them about 170mg of caffeine.

one thing that might be happening, is that i've heard from many independent shops that there are two differing views of a "shot" of espresso. many places 'split' their shots, meaning each pull from the machine gets evenly split into two shots. many independent type places view each pull as a 'shot', so one barista's double may be another's quadruple.

that's all i know, and i don't guarantee any of that information.
Hm. So since this woman ordered a grande quad, was she just being redundant? She had asked how many shots before she ordered and they said two. Or did she get eight?

I love how I've turned this post entirely into trivia in the comments, thus proving my own point.
Well, it's a bit easier to talk about coffee than about 23,000 dead people.

Not that it *should* be that way....but I just can't fathom destruction that widespread from a natural disaster....I can, however, fathom a coffee drink with 4 shots.

(A large drink with only 2 shots would be so watery! Eek! I'd never go back to that coffeehouse!)
It's interesting to watch the difference even on a medium like LJ: the September 11 attacks generated days of reflection and processing; with this, people have mostly changed the channel. I realize the situations are different in many respects, but it does diminish my regard for what commonly passes for compassion—really, it's often "compassion" for the disruption of the world as we know it, which is ultimately far more about us than about others.

It does make true compassion all the more beautiful, however.