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"Jane, stop this crazy thing!"

My dining room and kitchen are being vacuumed. By a robot.


How is it doing?
So far so good, though it's too early to make much of a judgment (and my place has gone entirely too long between vacuumings). Regardless, I am definitely amused!
I prefer the Salsa. ;)
That's between you and Jeff. :)
Or... me and Pace Picante.
i want one of those but with a 4 yr old you never know what will be vacuumed up....
i want something like that for the yard!!

let us know how it works out!
Yes, I doubt it's four-year-old friendly, unless said four-year-old is well watched! It vacuums into a bin, so if it picked up a toy, etc. it could be retrieved. Things need to be picked up beforehand just like using an upright vac.
wait you are supposed to pick things up!
maybe that is my problem hehehehe

i dont think the cat or the two house rabbits would like it either....but it looks so cute!
Aw, man, you would have had a better buy with the regular Roomba, rather than the Roomba Red.
It was a Christmas gift, so no skin off my nose. Why so? From what I've read, lots of the mechanics of the Discovery series are similar across models...
Gotcha :)

Uhm, well, for one, the regular Roomba has three different cleaning options, whereas the Red only has two. The Roomba has a charger base, a wall mount, and two "invisible wall" room barriers, plus a remote control, whereas the Red is lacking in all of those things.

Erm, I know this because we had them at my last job, and played around with them for a few weeks.
It's fun! This one has a virtual wall, but none of the rest. Did you find good use for the other stuff?
Only to play with :)
my parents got one of those!
The cat stalked it all day.

Pretty cool.
Oh, I'd imagine it must drive cats nuts!
ah - that's what that is! Cool! is it loud?
Nowhere near a vacuum—I could watch The Amazing Race with it on. But once I'm convinced it can handle the job unsupervised, I could just start it when I leave for work and never hear it at all!

I too feel geeky

I think if I was snowed in somewhere with no heat or other people to keep warm with, a few new electronic gadgets would keep me warm enough with activity for at least a year.

Re: I too feel geeky

Sometimes, this is my Christmas wish.
iRobot? Not to be confused w/ iPod.
Quite. No free Roomba. Well, except when you get it as a gift, like I did.
Nice. Free is always a nice thing.