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"..and call off Christmas!"

It feels amazing to be back at Victrola before sunrise, watching the rain trickle onto the pavement. Got back around 17:00, which was hours better than what could have been. Thanks to friends who left well-wishes—if I'd ended up going through Memphis or Charlotte, something would have been horribly, horribly wrong! Annette met me at the airport; Bub the fish required some resuscitation at home (I think he forgot he was alive), but otherwise, all seems to be well.

Already missing the kids. Over and over I would hear sounds that reminded me of their little voices. So good to see them.

It's weird, but I feel like I missed Christmas. I know I really enjoyed the season; there's just something about spending Christmas day as I did—like waiting eagerly for a sunset, looking away for a moment, and turning back to see that the sun has disappeared. A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart is waiting for me on my TiVo for this afternoon, though, so there's still goodness to come.

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