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"..and call off Christmas!"

It feels amazing to be back at Victrola before sunrise, watching the rain trickle onto the pavement. Got back around 17:00, which was hours better than what could have been. Thanks to friends who left well-wishes—if I'd ended up going through Memphis or Charlotte, something would have been horribly, horribly wrong! Annette met me at the airport; Bub the fish required some resuscitation at home (I think he forgot he was alive), but otherwise, all seems to be well.

Already missing the kids. Over and over I would hear sounds that reminded me of their little voices. So good to see them.

It's weird, but I feel like I missed Christmas. I know I really enjoyed the season; there's just something about spending Christmas day as I did—like waiting eagerly for a sunset, looking away for a moment, and turning back to see that the sun has disappeared. A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart is waiting for me on my TiVo for this afternoon, though, so there's still goodness to come.


So glad you made it! What an adventure...

One flight I was offered from Memphis would have taken me to Houston and then to Raleigh. I thought that odd, going west and then east, but I understood that the plane had to get to Texas before it could go back east. It was cancelled anyway.
Your travels were harrowing! My journey was a breeze in comparison.
Thank you, Lord, for keeping him safe and unstranded!! Thank you, Lord, for giving him sweet memories....

I shot the sheriff

I believe the line is "...and call off Christmas!"

Safe & sound is good. My dad was about 27 hours late to the Emerald City: Lexington —> Cincinnati -> Alberquerque -> Salt Lake -> Seattle. Your stars are lucky!

Re: I shot the sheriff

I could claim to have misalluded just to give you joy...

My stars are lucky, my Abba loves me, and I had a good plan B.