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Done with Christmas shopping, unless something strikes my fancy. Done with work, except these last few dozen envelopes to stuff and some volunteers to recruit. Done with laundry, at least the whites. I rode eight busses. I copied, folded, and mass emailed.I got a haircut. I braved the post office. I braved U Village. I had so many things going today that I don't mind declaring victory a little early. I'm done.

Fly to Iowa tomorrow around 2. I feel so much less rushed with afternoon flights; tomorrow there'll be time to have coffee, read, write, pack, and feel like a human being. Not all of those come easily.


I will miss your face. Sorry I am so crabby. It is dark. I hate it.
I've been off the charts. At least we still hate it. I know what it's like when I don't, and that's darkness.

I will miss your face, too.
Me too. Weirdly off the charts. We'll get through it.
I wish you safe travels and a Merry Christmas with your family. :)
Thanks—Merry Christmas to you, too!
Good for you.

Praying for your time off.
Thanks—likewise! Merry Christmas!
It's driving me crazy that you are going to be that close and I'm not going to get to meet you!!!

I think we will have snow for you!!!
I see snow!
IOWA? I'm so not in the know.
You need to get the scoop!