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Now bring us some figgy pudding

This promises to be a long, good day. After worship we have our children's Christmas pageant, which will be at least seven flavors of cute. Then this evening is our annual Carol Sing and Cider Bash. It's a blast to sing out at the top of our lungs with the Experimental Orchestra for an hour or so. If you're in Seattle, you're invited to come join us; info is at the website. Connor and Sara may join me afterward for my annual screening of The Long Kiss Goodnight, my favorite Christmas movie.

So I'm fueling up this morning with a few minutes at Victrola. Still a little stunned by answered prayer; it'll be good to enter worship a bit awestruck.



...seven flavors of cute...
My favorite Christmas movies are Die Hard and Lethal Weapon! My sister (sillypilgrim) and I, when we are together at Christmas, love to settle in with cookies and cocoa and watch those holiday faves :)