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Herding cats

Watching The Apprentice stresses me out sometimes. I don't know which is crazier: what these people have to do, or who they have to work with.


The Amazing Race is more stress-inducing to me. It's the RACE factor. And although the Apprentice people were "racing" in the sense that they had a time frame to work within, it's not the same. I get REALLY freaked out when there are people trying to catch me, or pass me, or vice-versa.
That one is so weird, because everyone stresses, then they all catch up. That's what's tricky—I'd have no idea how to pace myself.
Who they have to work with, with "who" = "Donald Trump"

Actually I think it's ridiculous for these people to be screwing off and messing up when anyone that actually wanted to keep their job wouldn't behave like that at that level especially in the presence of their boss.
Yeah, it's nutty to watch. I realize they just give us the juicy clips, but still.
Your title made me think of this old guy I used to see down at Westlake Center, dragging his cat along by a leash.
That's totally what this show is like!