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Today's work was like wading through molasses. No crisis, but little progress. Starting to question the wisdom of taking yesterday off, but I'd be even crazier today if I hadn't. No idea how I'll wrap it all up by tomorrow. No matter—I'm home for the night.

Anybody want a cookie? I still have 2+ pounds left...


Did someone say cookie?

809 West Highland Drive
Kinston, NC 28501

Remember, it's mean to offer if you aren't serious. ;)

Re: Did someone say cookie?

At what point did I claim not to be mean?

Re: Did someone say cookie?


Re: Did someone say cookie?

I love your icon! That book is one my favorite children's books ever! :)

Re: Did someone say cookie?

Mine, too! :D
You can keep the +, just send me the 2.

I'm eating them as if I were the pregnant one.
*I* want cookies!!!
Come over! They'd go great with coffee.
What kind of coffee??

We should get together again sometime soon. If nothing else, I have a soap cozy for you :D
I trust your coffee taste. Victrola roasts a good bean, though.

Oooh! Soap cozy!
I miss having cool coffee places around. Up here the best we have really is Starbucks. All the local places are cheesy drive-thrus :p

Melanie was supposed to bring them to dinner last week and spaced! So I have one for Diane and Hanna too :D
really?! Yay!
Yep! I'll have to figure out a way to deliver everyone's cozies and what color they want.
oh, how cool!

C is for Cookie and cookie is for me-yay!

ooh ooh, sign me up! :-D

Re: C is for Cookie and cookie is for me-yay!

Are you on the way?

Re: C is for Cookie and cookie is for me-yay!

I would if it weren't so far away. . . It's been a few years since I've been to Seattle. I love to visit since it has soooo many Starbucks and coffee places! :-) I also enjoy Fisherman's warf (though it had changed a bit the last time I was there), walking through the venders areas and seeing the guys throw the fish. Fun times & good memories.

Drat being on the other side of the country! :-P
what kind? If I'm going to break my wheat-free diet, I hope they're chocolate chip...
why wheat free?
trying to see if it helps w/ sinus headaches.
Sugar cookies. I brought them as dessert for our staff dinner last night, so they're going fast!
Anybody want a cookie? I still have 2+ pounds left...
So, I think that it should be customary for you to send your new friends cookies. You know, to make them like you. ;)

For now (or future) reference:

Haley Bragg
7 Santa Clara Court
Madison, MS 39110
I wonder if people will start wanting retroactive cookies...
Yeah, I don't know.

I just want regular ole sugar cookies. ;)