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Zuzu's petals

Now I'm baking sugar cookies, curled up next to the fire, and watching It's a Wonderful Life. Sweet Christmastime bliss.


this rude boy (as in ska) in my period 4 class baked cookies for everyone. unusual for a 16-yr-old. he even got up early to do it.
Very cool. Glimpses of hope. Love the ones that surprise you.
About seven years ago, I learned that Troy had never seen that movie. His mom told them when they were kids that they weren't allowed to see it, because it was about an alcoholic father, and it would be too disturbing for them to watch considering their own dad was a alcoholic.

But really? Didn't the title tip anyone off??

Anyway, make sure to underbake the sugar cookies just a bit and eat them when they're still too hot to chew.
I made way too many cookies. Except that there's no such thing as too many cookies.

I hope you set Troy straight.
I made him watch it. He was non-plussed.

There really is no point in making a few cookies. If you're going to make cookies - MAKE COOKIES.

That's what I always say, anyway.
was it the kind from the tube because those are just...amazing.
Nope, but just as good if not better—a tub of David's Cookies that I bought from a little guy at church who was selling them as a school fundraiser.

That's right, I made three pounds of cookies.
Somewhere along the past few years I lost the magic of Christmas. And I'm afraid that I'm losing the ability to see the beauty in intangible moments.

Fall came and went this year slowly. It lingered here in Virginia, and I sat and never thought to savor it. So suddenly it just hit me, and I'm left with the question: when did this happen? Did you ever lose the "magic of Christmas"? What still enables you to enjoy it?
Oh, at some time, I've lost the magic of everything. I think what helps me most at Christmastime in particular is being commited to also fully experience Advent—the longing for His coming. My joys and my sorrows don't have to be mutually exclusive; I can experience them all in a full, abundant life. I am a man with much to be thankful for, even as I am a man with much to protest in prayer, as this world is not the way it's supposed to be. He is coming to make it right.
That sounds so peaceful and relaxing and well with two kids Christmas is anything but relaxing. The kids are always wanting Mommy to do something while they sit around with messy rooms and watch tv.
That movie is on my "all-time favorite movies" list. I watch it every year.

Cookies! Scoop and bake...just doesn't get any better than that!
awww-christmastime SO makes me wish i had cable :p
I watched IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE last night! Such a good movie! :)
I never thought of you as a baking type.

I try to break every mold from time to time...
Hot Dog!
I almost used that as my subject line!
Sounds just right, I may mimic your evening later this week!
Except for the three pounds of cookies part ;)
Do you mean to imply that you can have too many cookies?
Mmmmm, yes! I do like them, but something like chips - something salty, those you can never have enough of. Too much sugar and I feel sick :)