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The bright side

God is deliberate in drawing near to me. This morning the mountains overhadowed everything else with beauty and majesty and strength. He was there, and He is here.

A woman told her story to the congregation at church today, the first time we've done this in years. Jesus is so clear in her life, engaging counterfeits and ugly, broken realities with truth, grace, hope, and love. You can listen here; it's only five minutes long and is one of the most simply powerful testimonies I've ever heard. Brings me to tears, the good kind.

John spoke about Mary today, about how God shows us what it means to be His through her life. I don't think many people would expect to hear that in a Presbyterian sermon, but it's there and it's the truth. The MP3 can be found here (approximately 30 minutes) and is a great picture of what the gospel is and means.

Burning some bridges on some places I go for comfort other than Him. This matters. Sooner or later (and often much, much sooner), it's sin. I don't often think of it as contempt for Christ, but it is. And I've been freed from that. There was no life in it. There still isn't. And life is what I want: real, unadulterated, worshipful, rough-and-tumble, authentic, abundant life.
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