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'Tis the season

Used to think Irwin's (my friendly neighborhood coffee shop) didn't have wireless internet, but it turns out my PowerBook couldn't pick it up. Go, iBook, go! A fellow customer asked me about my iBook as soon as it came out of my pack; he's considering a purchase and debating the options. Good to share the joy.

Feeling the desire to run away for an adventure, something outside my day-to-day to get caught up in. Miss who I was and who I might have been; there seem to be some years left in me and I want new adventures. That's a "be careful what you wish for statement," without question, but it's out there. I understand the appeal of fiction—not novels and such, but the personal fictions we write to make our lives more (or occasionally less) dramatic and meaningful. We don't need to buy into them wholeheartedly, just enough to add some spice. We all want to be heroes, each of our various stripes.

No idea what to do with my social calendar until I leave for Iowa. I'm unusually swamped, with good things of course, and wondering when I'll rest and where I'll fit in others who are important to me. The next week looks like this:A little nutty.

Everybody has a dog here. One couple had three dogs here.


Are the Christmas ships tonight? how long are they around?
That's what I hear; I didn't know about them until this year. Not sure what the schedule is, but I think it might be accessible from the link.

I'd love to have you along tonight, but it sounds like you're booked! You should walk to Irwin's instead of around the lake. :)
I really think we should enforce Advent as a penitential season. Busy-ness in Christmas preparations/celebrations is a major source of stress.

Adventure (or LAck Thereof)

You could always travel (come to Maryland), that is usually (come to Maryland) and interesting (come to Maryland) experience.


Re: Adventure (or LAck Thereof)

yeah, there's lots of cool places(new jersey) to visit(new york).
Ooo .. I love the Alki Christmas tour. I got to be on one of the sailboats one year. So much fun. Where will you be viewing them?
Kemo: send me an email with your new address