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Genius Bar (or "Why I love Apple this week")

My first entry from my spankin' new iBook. It arrived yesterday, which was days faster than expected and forced me to juggle my work schedule so I could be home to receive it. Perfect size for being mobile and doing the things I do. Unfortunately, the refurb wireless card I ordered with it turned it into a big white plastic paperweight when installed. A call to the Apple mothership directed me to simply go to the University Village Apple Store for some attention.

Anyone who knows me a bit can well imagine that a trip to U Village is to me as a journey through Mordor is to a hobbit. The place is a temple to affluent consumerism, with hulking buildings ready to sell millions of dollars of merchandise no one needs, much of it manufactured to look "authentic," "timeless," and "unique." It is, in short, the ultimate Bobo marketplace.

Nevertheless, I pressed on. I own Apples, after all, and it doesn't get much more Bobo than that. Upon entering, I headed to the Genius Bar and spun my tale of woe. They took a look, identified the problem, and popped in a replacement card, all within less than five minutes and without a hint of paperwork. When the welcome screen came up, they started dancing. I joined them.

That's the way things ought to be, and I'll be commending them to their manager. I also picked up a minimalist Sling Case that is rocking my world. I ♥ mobility.

Now I'm having an all-too-rare stop at Victrola after hammering out some unfinished work at the office. Eggnog lattés continue to fuel me, and it was good to chat with Chris (the owner) a bit.


I need some sortof of bag like that for my laptop.

I'm always just throwing it in my regular bag. Not so good. I should have my mother make some sortof quilted cover for it or something.
When I was doing that, I just picked up a pack of bubblewrap mailing envelopes that fit my PowerBook. Worked like a charm.
The thing is...I didn't realize how much I would want to tote my laptop around with me...and so I really got one that is too big (17").

I'll have to look for bubblewrap. This is a lovely idea.
Yep... Geniuses is wicked smart and awesome.
I was impressed, especially consering my lukewarm-at-best experiences with The Mac Store on 45th. Not to mention the horror that has been each and every trip to CompUSA.
Alas... I remember when U Village was little more than the QFC store, and a Boston Market across the street.

I miss Boston Market.
Can you believe how yuppie it is now? And I can't believe that you miss the Boston Market. There's an abandoned one up by Lee's house on 45th, and each time I drive by there I think wistfully, "Where have all the sides gone. I miss the stuffing."
Or as unblinkable might say, "the dressin'..."!

I had married friends who would get into a fight every time the three of us went to Boston Market. It was weird (and uncomfortable).

That abandoned Boston Market finally became a Quizno's and some Asian fast-food place.

re Boston Market

they still are in business in the South--the elders at my home church have it for their dinner meeting at least twice a month. The mashed potatoes are my fav. The other weeks, they have barbeque. I love Southern food!
I love Apple computers too but I need a new one. My iMac is getting old and I can't do too much with it. I'm hoping to save up and buy a new one as soon as I can. Think it's going to take a while. :-)
They're always worth the wait, though!
iBooks... Eggnog Lattes... you and I have *got* to meet up sometime!! We'll sit in a Starbucks sipping coffee and commenting on each other's LJ on our Apples. :D
Ah, what a picture of yuletide technogeek bliss!

But seriously, we do! I've been a lame commenter lately, but I thoroughly love having you on my friends list. You are a treasure.
*blush* Thanks. :) I just blather, I'm glad you are enjoying it.

So you are in the Seattle area? I've always wanted to visit there.
he he. i had to leave an outlet mall once, i was so overcome by the rampant demons of shallow consumerism. although i try to make exception for the apple store, even though it cries out as much as all the others, if not more. my friends brought me back some ipod ads from the uk last summer and they just showed me how much we are into it...

and yes, that case is beautiful. i custom made my timbuk2 messenger bag that i carry my powerbook in, and i love it... but yes, that is pretty awesome.