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When my days are busy and my head is stuffy, I need notes to write an entry

Dan Savage was following me again last night, this time lurking at a table behind me in Vivace before Community Group. Go away, Dan Savage. Go away.

Just ordered a refurbished iBook to replace my ailing PowerBook (whose screen flicker has made it almost unviewable). Now that God has provided an incredible new iMac at the office, my laptop can be smaller and doesn't need to be that powerful. Going with a generation-old refurb saved me $300, and if all goes well I'll have it before heading off to Iowa for Christmas. In the absence of another travelling companion, it'll do.

Realized last night that I've fallen into the habit of praying about things I don't care about much and not praying about things for which I care deeply. Seems like something that would be readily apparent, but since I always have a supply of "safe" things to pray about, I just slid into this pattern and have been keeping my heart at a distance from God. I don't want Him to disappoint me.
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