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Getting warmer

My apartment is chilly when I wake up in the wintertime. I like it, except that it makes challenging to get out of bed, and I need to invest in some slippers. When I get up, I turn on the fire right away, and if it's early enough, make some tea. It's a good way to begin.

In her debrief of friends met on her recent Seattle trip with jeney, unblinkable notes her surprise in the difference between my online persona and flesh-and-blood personality. Sometimes I forget how different they must be, almost like separate people. There's lots of truth in that, though both are me. A bit reminiscent of a multiple personality, or a secret identity.

You're getting warmer...

Stayed in from last night's meeting to eat leftover pizza and watch 21 Grams. Increasingly protective of margin near Tuesday nights, because I don't want my Community Group to only get leftovers from me. Tonight we're interviewing Nathan, and those times are invariably rewarding. It's also nice to have a monthly respite from prep and leading the group through Scripture (a very different process from facilitating an interview).

Jane Monheit is in town this week. Love.
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