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Getting warmer

My apartment is chilly when I wake up in the wintertime. I like it, except that it makes challenging to get out of bed, and I need to invest in some slippers. When I get up, I turn on the fire right away, and if it's early enough, make some tea. It's a good way to begin.

In her debrief of friends met on her recent Seattle trip with jeney, unblinkable notes her surprise in the difference between my online persona and flesh-and-blood personality. Sometimes I forget how different they must be, almost like separate people. There's lots of truth in that, though both are me. A bit reminiscent of a multiple personality, or a secret identity.

You're getting warmer...

Stayed in from last night's meeting to eat leftover pizza and watch 21 Grams. Increasingly protective of margin near Tuesday nights, because I don't want my Community Group to only get leftovers from me. Tonight we're interviewing Nathan, and those times are invariably rewarding. It's also nice to have a monthly respite from prep and leading the group through Scripture (a very different process from facilitating an interview).

Jane Monheit is in town this week. Love.


Just so it's clear. I love both sides of you. :D
How could you not?

Random thoughts

You have conjured up memeories of my childhood. We heated our house with wood when I was growing up. I would come downstiars with my dad at 5:30 to build the fire. What a yummy memory!

I LOVE my slippers.

I also stayed home and watche 21 Grams last night!!!

Re: Random thoughts

What did you think?

Re: Random thoughts

I had seen it once before and rented it a second time if that tells you anything.


Re: Random thoughts

Very moving. The nature of the film would make it completely different upon a second viewing.

Re: Random thoughts

Yeah, it was more intense in some ways. I wish I could say something profound about it cause there is something big in that movie but all I can say is it made me cry.

It was a little hard to watch becaseu there has been a big change in me sice I watched it the first time. One of the things that I got out of the movie is that, we are screwed but we try, sometimes in screwed up ways. Good theme but there is a really big piece missing. I think that is part of what made me cry.
You don't seem that different in real life than on your journal to me. But then again, I've never hung out with you in a group....

Are you going to see Jane? I adore her.
I think Jane will probably stop by for a little wine and candlelight. She ♥s me.

Not sure about the show, though.
She ♥s me.

How could she not?
For what it's worth, I didn't think you were so different in R/L either. You spoke like your write. Articulate, kind and like the man of God you are.

You're just a tad cuter though, than your icon shows.
Better get out the good stuff for her.

No 2 buck chuck. ;)
Maybe you could send me the bottle your staff confiscated?
Well, I was going to offer it, but wasn't sure how ethical it would be. :)

alter egos

Oooh, Peggy just figured it out!! You ARE a superhero, aren't you??

Re: alter egos

Depends on the definition...

Re: alter egos

So what does your costume look like?

You realize, though, that if you need an alliterative name to be a real superhero... like Clark Kent, Peter Parker.... although I guess Bruce Wayne got away without an alliterative name. You can do it to ;)
on your brief snipit of Monheit, i listened briefly to her. she is quite lovely. thanks for introducing.
She's amazing!
Are you going to see Jane? I was fortunate enough to see her live here in Minneapoils back in October. It was work-night out (paid for by work!!). Work also gave us CD's of her latest album. It was a lovely evening.

Hope you get to see her,
I've been able to see her two or three times in the last few years. It's always a great evening. Not sure if I'll make it out this time or not, but I know it will be a great show!