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Friends from near and far

Just back from dinner with dashausfrau, jeney, journeyto, pinkroo, overcast (with John and Randall), unblinkable (with Mabry), and sillypilgrim at Buca di Beppo. Great fun, and so wonderful that Jeney and Melanie could come to visit. Mabry, of course, is also quite the charmer, and Randall got to show me his Spider-Man motorcycle (which I covet).

I feel so blessed by the friendships through this medium. It's the last thing I expected when I started writing here years ago. Connecting online personas with flesh-and-blood faces and personalities is unique, and I'll readily confess some nervousness from time to time. That said, I've met so many wonderful people face-to-face—tonight, last week, and over the years. And while there are many I may never meet except through the net, each is a blessing all the same.

Now, some couch potato time. That's a blessing, too. Besides, I need to rest up from so much eating and laughter!


How nice. :)

I think that is really nice that you were able to meet so many of your LJ friends. I have been able to meet one of mine, and that was a true blessing. Only fifteen or so more to meet. LOL ;-)

Re: How nice. :)

I've met 26 so far, and each has been a blessing.
I feel honored to have met you! And who says stuff like that anyway?

Next time, sit somewhere where I can talk to you more easily, okay?

Thank you so much for showing up and spending your evening with us. It was truly a GREAT time!
I say stuff like that. And the honor was mine.

I must confess feeling a little jeney deprived. But it was a great time!
too bad i'm all the way in jersey. if you're ever in the nyc metro area, let me know.
Absolutuely! It's been about ten years since I've even been through the area!
Isn't my granddaughter just the sweetest little thing you ever saw?

I'm glad y'all had such a wonderful visit.

Your turn next...North Carolina is waiting!
She's a darling. Everyone was such a treat.

North Carolina was actually my first LJ field trip, back in 2002!
That trip was just a practice trip. Doesn't count. I didn't *know* you way back then. :)
Oh, and let me guess...Melanie had the chicken. :)
Yes, but she didn't like the chicken—it was chicken marsala and clashed a bit with Southern taste buds. The waitress overheard and asked, but it turns out her father is from Louisiana and had the same reaction.

Only Melanie could not like the food and come out with a new friend!
Pffffttttt! I like chicken marsala. Melanie has strange taste buds.

Oh, she's always been good at that. Connections...that's what it's all about in the South!
I don't think you would have liked this. :P No offense to Peg, but it was greasy, among other things.
I LOVE chicken marsala.

This was NOT chicken marsala!

It was like....vinegary sweet and sour chicken.

Even though this is technically a "reply", I am not responding to your insulting remarks about my food recommendation!!!!

I very much enjoyed it with Heidi yesterday for lunch!
I can't respond to your response.
You just did.
I replied.
Oh sure - when *I* do it.


Typical woman changing all the rules!

hooray for LJ/RL friends!

[twinge of jealousy]
You didn't put that between asterisks!
nope. i'm being me today, not Chip. :oP
Sigh.... Aren't they wonderful? Meeting my LJ friends face-to-face, particularly unblinkable, jeney, sentimentalmuse, sweetlucidity, katv, overcast, luluraine, living_water, jcjava, and their assorted husbands/children, has been such a blessing. I thank God for the opportunity to know them on here and to connect in real life. Such an encouragement, and what a beautiful extension of the body of Christ. <>
I'm so glad you came!

It's too bad the table wasn't round.