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Leaning in

Just booked my flight home for Christmas. Home isn't really the right word, though, because Seattle and my apartment are very much my home now. Regardless of terminology, it will be good to spend time with family for a few days. The last couple of years have been special treats now that I have a nephew and nieces. I miss their faces.

Feeling terribly busy, yet when I take an objective look, it's not really too bad. What's up? Much of it is that I have trouble resting and being still, yet I crave time to myself, so I easily feel put upon. Tonight has been a little quieter and I can literally feel myself slowly coming to my senses. I go through this all the time but never manage to actually fix it, so learning not to take my dysfunction out on the world is the next best order of business, and I'm doing better with that.

Longing, hope, and joy. I've got a cup full of Advent for sure. That those can exist simultaneously is a great comfort to me (and a real shock to some). I'm tired of running from tension, and God never intended me to do that in the first place.



I've lived here in Missouri for 6 1/2 years and know that it is my home. My mom (in Colorado, where I grew up) is having a hard time grasping this concept ... When asked if I was coming for Christmas, I told her that yes, I would be, but that I wanted to spend my birthday (which is on the 20th) at home. One of my sisters made her holiday plans around the assumption that I'd be home (in Colorado) on the 20th.

Needless to say, she will be heading out of town the same day I'm heading in to town - all because of the confusion over where my home seems to be.

Re: "home"

I get that kind of confusion with my family, too. Hope there are no hard feelings (my family can be a bit schizophrenic about having bad feelings based on their own assumptions).
So when are you leaving? Will you have computer access (and be posting) while you're there? If not, we'll miss you. (Shoot, I miss you when I can't get online for 4 days!)
I'm gone from the 21st to the 25th, No idea on posting access, but I suspect people will be plenty distracted during that time. Thanks for your kind words.