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Lots of errands in the past couple of days. With the post-Thanksgiving shopping blitz, it's hardly the ideal time—the milieu doesn't do much for my enjoyment of people. But sometimes things just need to get done, and I certainly can't (or shouldn't) blame anyone for being out there just like I am.

Yesterday evening, I went on a last-minute quest for a second computer monitor. My Twentieth Anniversary Mac has a tiny screen, and my second monitor burned out soon after my move this summer. I've been contemplating an upgrade, since it can't even run OS X, but honestly, it still works like a champ for its capabilities and I don't really need more. So I checked the sales and scooted off to CompUSA in Bellevue for a great deal on a 19" flat panel.

I hate going to the Eastside. The affluence of the 425 area code just gives me the heebs. Snobby, I know.

As one might expect, my hasty plan went south in a hurry. When I got there, the model in question was sold out, even though their website told me they had stock. This resulted in my getting into a bit of a pissing match with the manager, which was probably more fueled by the fact that a) he's a 20-something guy who has to manage a CompUSA for a living, and b) I'm a 30-something guy with no car who has nothing better to do with my Friday evening than ride the bus to go get a monitor. I really should have checked more closely at the time the site was updated, so I let it go, accepted responsibility, and picked up a 17" flat panel with the same rebates instead. It'll do, and spending less money was probably smarter, anyway.

Connor and Sara came over for dinner and television last night, which was a treat. I don't see them enough.

Today's holy grail was Advent candles and candleholders. Not as easy as I thought—crystal candleholders from Bartell Drugs are going to have to do the job. I got reamed by a congregant last year for not using the proper colors, so I wanted to fix that for this year. Well, I really wanted to tell them to bite me, but that's not the best attitude.

Now I'm in for the night. TiVo is snagging It's a Wonderful Life for me in a couple of hours, and I've got some DVDs on deck as well. So many options, all from the comfort of my couch. It's good to have my errands done.

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