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This is my first entry from my spanking new work iMac. There aren't words for what a blessing this is—a donor outside our congregation became aware of my failing computer and donated a new, top-of-the-line machine. And it's huge: 20" of prime screen real estate. Anyone who does layout and design on a regular basis knows how indispensable that can be.

The blessing is bigger than that, though. Since the source was outside the congregation, I was able to accept the gift. Had it been an offer from within, the donation would need to be redirected to the general fund instead, because otherwise we'd be open to the potential of everyone donating to their own pet ministries rather than entrusting the leadership of the church with God's resources. Further, the timing was amazing. Not only was my PowerBook failing, but we were also beginning discussions on the 2005 budget. The first draft of that budget only included $500 for hardware; the wrestling necessary to add a new computer (which John was committed to doing for me) would have caused tons of unnecessary haggling and brought the allocations to other vital ministries, such as music, into question. That mess was completely sidestepped due to this generous gift.

Again, words don't come close; I'm almost embarrassed at how inadequately I've described what God has done here. And that's the biggest deal of all: God has done it. He's taken care of His church and taken care of me. Honestly, it's a struggle to receive the latter, but that struggle is very much a part of how He is caring for me. The ministry of Jesus Christ continues by the power of the Holy Spirit in and through His people.

I am so very grateful for that, and for the people through whom He is working.

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