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Restaurant recommendations?

Seattle area friends and readers: what are some of your favorite restaurants? Anywhere in the area is fair game.


Bombay Grill. Its an Indian Restraunt in Ravenna.There is also a kick ass Indian restraunt in Edmonds that is right on the water, so you can eat your naan while watching the ferry come in. Lastly, Mama's Mexican Kitchen. Si, me gusta.
ooh - and there are sea lions down there too.
Is there an Outback? ;)
You can get chicken anywhere, Melanie.
I don't just eat chicken!!! STOP IT!!!
I ate at the Dahlia Lounge once.

That put me back a few dollars.
my current faves:

cafe flora: madison park area VERY good vegetarian and vegan food

jai thai: locations on capitol hill, downtown, and in fremont.

agua verde: the best non-baja mexican and very reasonably priced

tutta bella: in columbia city, on rainier, it's wood-oven baked italian pizza, amazingly good and also reasonably priced.

mmm...there are others, but i've been all those places recently.
glo's on cap hill for breakfast food: their hollandaise sauce is literally what they'll be serving in heaven. :)
Stellas, Bizarros, Buca de Beppo, Beso del Sol, Blue Water Bistro, Dukes.
Anthony's Home Port, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. For casual I like Quizzno's subs...AND there's no Toshi's Teriyaki here in Idaho and I'm totally Jonesing for it! I wish someone could buy a big bottle of their sauce and send it to me, that would totally rock! I like the Outback too but it's always SO busy it's hard to get a table in under an hour.
There was a REALLY good sushi/thai/asian fusion kind of restaurant on Queen Anne Hill that rocked my socks, but I can't remember the name of it. I just remember how to get there.
Minnie's Cafe. Daniel's Broiler, in which I can't actually afford to eat & may never again unless DJ's huge corporation buys for us again.
I didn't comment here to begin with, because when do I go out to eat?? But I'll try to think back...

Erin already said Minnie's.... John and I used to go to the one on Broadway.
Oh, and there's a greek restaurant on 50th and University Way, which I can't remember the name of just now.
Kell's down by Pike Place... except I've never actually eaten there, but they have a fun band Saturday nights in the bar. At least, they used to.
You don't sound too thilled with any of those. If I were asked about a favorite restaurant, in MY area, I'd have at least ONE place to freak about! CORKY'S!!!
It's kind of hard to get freaky about restaurants I never go to! It's been years since I went out to eat with enough regularity to have a favorite!
Ah, this can be addressed by a related question for infrequent diner-outers: Anyplace you'd like to try (or try again)?
I would enjoy going back to the greek restaurant on 50th, and trying different food. They have excellent faki soup, which is also the cheapest thing on their menu... part of the motivation for going there :)

Oh, and I didn't even think of this one, but The Spaghetti Factory has some very yummy food and cool furniture :D