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Saw The Incredibles last night. Amazing. Wonderful. Flawless. Just what the doctor ordered. I haven't had that much fun with a movie in a long time, if ever. I ♥ Edna.

I feel left out and unhip because I've had no desire to post a map of the United States with colors on it. I must be missing something.

For the past couple of days, a lunchtime conversation with a friend has been bouncing around in my head. On the one hand, her concern and some other indicators have me giving serious consideration to anger and its place in my life. On the other, I'm also realizing that I may have hit a limit in this friendship—not that I won't continue to value and invest in it, but it might also be wise to accept that it may not grow past here. I can't and won't make everyone as comfortable with me as they might want to be, and I can't own all of that.

The Amazing Race is reality TV crack, and I'm so hooked.


So fun! Thank you again. <3 Edna.

When did TAR start? You must remind me of these things.
Oh yeah, the company wasn't too shabby, either. ;)

Tuesday, I think. Shoot, I had it on TiVo and deleted it after the movie last night. Encore Saturday night, though.
yay yay - next TAR, party at the cool aparetment with beer in the "cooler".
Reason #8,516 I love my TiVo: I'm out on Tuesdays, but I can watch TAR anytime I want.

That would seriously be fun.
Edna was my favorite too... and i MUST be on amazing race stat!
You would be awesome on that show!
my cousin and i keep talking about sending in a tape... though i doubt her husband would let her go for so long. it would be SOO much fun. She'd make me do all the hard challenges though, i just know it. :P
just so you don't feel left out, i made you a map.

It's good to be in Autobot Territory.
I love The Amazing Race!! I also loved The Mole. :D
I only really started watching last season. Great stuff!
It's great because it's not stupid.
Can I recreate this experience just by going to the movie, or was it actually the company?
The movie is absolutely wonderful, but I won't pretend the experience will be as good.
I'm the Good Answer Mastah!
I loved The Incredibles too! :)
"TV crack" - can I um..steal this term from you? How about fr $50 dollars? Maybe for a little 'company'? Whatever it takes! just stick a needle in my vein!!!!!
Go ahead and use it, and I'll just bill you. The first fix is always free...
So true..I LOVE the amazing race. If I didn't need to finish this pesky thing called "college"..I would defintly audition for the amazing race. :)

AIM Express is the bane of my existence. :oP