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Count every vote (for my candidate)!

This is what unflagging commitment to the democratic process looks like here (from the 14 November Seattle Times, emphasis mine):
Democrats are focusing on provisional and absentee voters in King County, where most votes counted so far have gone to Gregoire.

"We are calling the folks whose ballots were rejected and then we're going to their homes trying to help them to get their votes to count," Berendt said.

Ryan Bianchi, communications assistant for the Gregoire campaign, said the canvassers knock on doors and ask if the person is a Gregoire voter. "If they say no, we just tell them to have a nice day," he said. If they said yes, then they continued with the process.


Didn't see the article, but the KOMO 1000 news story I heard said those bits--and then went on to talk to the head of the state Republican party, who said the exact thing, but in the opposite.

Both parties are doing it; both sides are playing the game. The Republican guy described it as "war". (which is an insult to the people actually stuck on the other side of the world, if you ask me, but...)

I'm just so disgusted by the game from both sides. *sigh*
According to the Times article, the party games are pretty similar, with a subtle difference (emphasis mine):
A small group of Republicans was also calling voters yesterday. "We've got about five or 10 people making calls at the state party headquarters," said state Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance. "We started making calls this morning."

Vance said his party is trying to find the Republicans on King County's list of provisional voters in order to phone them and urge them to correct their signatures on their ballots.
In my opinion, that difference is important: The Democrats are canvassing all voters, but only helping those who voted their way. The Republicans are only calling "their own." Ethically, those are different types of actions. A party can do whatever it likes with people who've identified themselves as affiliated with that party. But using the entire provisional voter roster to contact people, find out if they voted your way, and only work to help those who did (not even telling those who didn't why you came to their door)? That's a different level of manipulative and shady.
Ok, I agree there. The KOMO radio-article made it sound like the Dems were just canvassing their own, too, so I was confused.