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Count every vote (for my candidate)!

This is what unflagging commitment to the democratic process looks like here (from the 14 November Seattle Times, emphasis mine):
Democrats are focusing on provisional and absentee voters in King County, where most votes counted so far have gone to Gregoire.

"We are calling the folks whose ballots were rejected and then we're going to their homes trying to help them to get their votes to count," Berendt said.

Ryan Bianchi, communications assistant for the Gregoire campaign, said the canvassers knock on doors and ask if the person is a Gregoire voter. "If they say no, we just tell them to have a nice day," he said. If they said yes, then they continued with the process.


Re: suprised to see a comment from you in my journal`


I'm sorry my comment wounded you somehow; it was not intended to. I don't know the rest of what's going on for you that would cause you to respond like this here in my journal rather than in your own. I'm not sure why you've shared all this here or what you're hoping I might do with it—these kind of details are perfectly appropriate for your own journal, but they're more than I'd honestly want to know about the conjugal relations of anyone else.

If there's any more to be said, I think it might be more appropriate in your journal or over email. I only made a joking comment to your entry on your children's disobedience to your directions based on your prior entry about your own disobedience to your OB's directions. I wasn't trying to make any super-spiritual implications about you, your husband, your children, or anyone else. You seem to have read a lot more than that and to have attributed some other kind of motivation to me, and I'm sorry that you did. Beyond that, I don't think there's much I can do in being answerable for that or in accepting responsibility for whatever you may be feeling now.

I wish you peace.