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Count every vote (for my candidate)!

This is what unflagging commitment to the democratic process looks like here (from the 14 November Seattle Times, emphasis mine):
Democrats are focusing on provisional and absentee voters in King County, where most votes counted so far have gone to Gregoire.

"We are calling the folks whose ballots were rejected and then we're going to their homes trying to help them to get their votes to count," Berendt said.

Ryan Bianchi, communications assistant for the Gregoire campaign, said the canvassers knock on doors and ask if the person is a Gregoire voter. "If they say no, we just tell them to have a nice day," he said. If they said yes, then they continued with the process.


I forgot that she was running. God help WA state if she wins.

You should write the Times and use this quote. Get it in the letters to the editor section so more eyes will see it.
ew. How totally slimy. This won't make the news, of course.
I was a little surprised the quote made it into the Times at all, but when you give a journalist something that juicy, it's hard to ignore.
The Times is probably counting on people skimming or misunderstanding the quote because it seems to be in the middle of something "good." Recounts = democratic process = good, at least to the uneducated or liberal.
Having seen the rest of the article, I don't think I'm in a position to agree: the article would have been equally strong on the "recounts = good" score without that quote. My guess is that the quote is very quoteworthy, so it's in there. They didn't have to include it to support the story—if they didn't want it there, it would be akin to planting a land mine but counting on everyone to tread lightly.

Honestly, most of the people who bother reading a political story in a newspaper are going to be well-educated, regardless of leaning. Whether they'll think those kinds of tactics are sketchy is a separate issue.

I could be wrong, but it didn't get in there by accident. Whether and how people read it is another matter.