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Magic with a screwdriver

PowerBook screen flicker problem = Fixed.

I rule.


I concur. You do rule.
go you.
It's an Apple...won't last for long. :P

The non-sarcastic reply

You're right in this case—this PowerBook has been worked into the ground. I'm the second owner and it's pulling double duty as the church computer (since we haven't actually been able to afford an up-to-date computer for me). That's the part that really scares me: I know it's only a matter of time, and I'm just hoping we'll be able to get a replacement before it goes.

Alternatively, I'm considering getting my own replacement at home, just to be safe. My home Mac is circa 1997 (a Twentieth Anniversary Mac—I love it) and runs strong, but it honestly can't do what I need to do for work (layout and graphic design). I know it's long past time to upgrade; I've just been able to put it off because I haven't needed to use it for work stuff.