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Tuesday stuff

Tuesdays are meeting days: Heather, Staff, Community Group. I'm learning not to schedule in much other work on Tuesdays, which is a sanity saver. If I try to do too much and fail to leave room for the inevitable interruptions, I get frustrated and disappointed.

Writing is hit-and-miss lately. Actually, everything is hit-and-miss lately. Analysis is only so helpful, but I realized yesterday evening that some of my moodiness might be about the season—Thanksgiving isn't my best one anymore. The antidote, ironically, is the exercise of actually giving thanks for how richly I'm blessed. Even so, it's still a little rough, and that's OK. I need God.

Behind on email, so hopefully I can catch up a bit on that later today. Very much looking forward to some time at a coffee shop this afternoon between meetings, schedule permitting. I'm thankful for my city.


FYI - I'm at a little coffee shop right now behind tha 5 way stop in Greenlake (on woodlawn avenue ne) called Revolutions. 3 brothers own it, and it's so fun - it's totally you! Very indie, great music, and a quiet atmosphere - PLUS, free wi-fi. They do all their own baking and the coffee is deeelish.
I'm envious! This is such a great coffee shop day. I have to come check it out!
it would be a really nice walk from your place - we should hang there before we see THE MOVIE.
The last coffee shop we visited went out of business...we may be a jinx!
I'd never thought about actually being thankful at Thanksgiving... I usually spend the day annoyed with turkey and football and big families I don't belong to.

I decided this year to start my own traditions.
Being thankful is a good place to start :) Thanks for the idea.

I'm thankful for really good coffee.