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A (possibly) last political thought

Hadn't expected to have more to say, but this is a last tidbit that gets at the nature of American culture and government more than dealing with election stuff. Someone dissatisfied with the election results wrote, "What is the hardest to digest is accepting that this nation isn't filled with too many intellectuals, advocates for Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness." Clearly, I don't agree (and don't believe intellectuals have more intrinsic value than the rest of us schmoes under our principles of government or under God), but it made me think of why I disagree.

At the end of the day, I wonder if we've reversed the order of things—if we aren't, in so many respects, striving for "The Pursuit of Happiness, Liberty, and Life." It's a temptation, especially one born of privilege. I don't believe there's a political party committed to putting these back in the right order by any means, but I'll try to put my vote toward what I believe will move that direction, as well as the rest of my efforts as a citizen, both of the nation and the Kingdom. There will be trade-offs, no doubt, but that's what I'm shooting for.


but I'll try to put my vote toward what I believe will move that direction

Good. Maybe someday we will get there. :)
Though I suspect we're a good distance apart on the political spectrum, I like the reasoning and analysis you make with regards to the people who have expressed extreme frustration and disenchantment with the results of the election. The quote you posted (presumably from someone else's journal) about there not being enough "intellectuals" or advocates for life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness was pretty laughable. It also ignores the fact that Democrats can be just as rigid and unyielding and orthodox in their views as Republicans can be.

More than anything though, I am comforted that (even though I feel the two-party system is fatally flawed) the system did work this time to a degree. For instance, let's look at the gay marriage initiatives across the country. Personally, I have no qualms with gay marriage, but that's just me. It is apparent though that the mood across the country is that gay marriage isn't going to happen. I accept that, because the majority has willed it so. Sometimes you have to just say, "the people have spoken" and move on to another day. These people that are bemoaning the death of democracy and crying about moving to Canada don't realize that Tuesday's election was kind of an affirmation that things still work after the 2000 debacle. Regardless of the outcome, I am comforted by that notion. But I'm rambling, and I think I lost my point...
Like many, I expected great bitterness and fighting (and a closer race) earlier this week. I've been surprised. Looking at the margin, however, the Democratic party would have been foolish to fight the results—that would only serve to broaden the divide for 2008, a divide which is already not working in their favor.
I hate how the Democratic party is labeled by many "intellectuals" to be the party of intellectuals. I overheard (again, with the overhearing) a professor and a student talking about the election results after class this past week, and they "just couldn't believe the country could be so stupid...that a candidate could present themselves in a way showing obvious intellectual superiority and still lose the election is amazing." The professor went on to say that his wife was wearing black that day.

I sat and laughed to myself, wondering how it is that self-proclaimed "intellectuals" come to put so little thought into the premises that they are so quick to share with those whom they think might listen or care. Why do I seem to be one of the few people who sees just as many "blind followers" of Kerry as I do of Bush? I don't like that "blind followers" exist, but they do...that's just part of the game. There will always be people who are easily controlled and those that do things without thinking. But, to chalk the results of the entire national election up to people being either "brainwashed" by Bush or "brain dead" in regards to politics is laughable in its simplistic absurdity.
Our citizenship is in heaven, but I'm sure glad we have voting privileges here.