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Bon voyage!

Thinking about starting a fund to help everyone who says they want to move due to election results reach their goal. I'd want the fund available regardless of election winners; I wouldn't feel differently if other candidates won (and who knows? they still might) and other people were whining. We've got a nation full of people on both sides of the spectrum who can't see beyond their opinions and are flabbergasted that anyone could be so foolish as to not agree with them. The process is fine for them to participate in, but how dare people who disagree with them also participate and (gasp) be the majority! It's almost as if the world doesn't revolve around their opinions alone. Could it be?

When people want to pick up their toys and go when things don't go their way, there's often wisdom in helping them pack. "Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya."


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Yeah, I'm totally noticing the difference in graciousness on both sides.
What gets me the most is a close friend's mother was behaving like a shrieking harpy all night (well, come to think of it, she always behaves like a shrieking harpy; she thinks the universe exists to revolve around her and her martyr complex) over the fact anyone voted for Kerry. Nevermind the fact Bush was winning in both popular and electorial votes. No, that wasn't good enough for her. She bitched and ranted and raved and threw things at the TV all evening when my friend was trying to sleep up for work in the next room because not everyone in the universe agreed with her opinion.

This whole political voting year has me utterly disgusted with the behaviour I've seen in both camps.
just tell me where to send the paypal cash.
I hear ya.

It's crossed my mind to move, but not because of election results. I really am NOT happy with being put in a position to choose between Bush and Kerry - but here we are. I put my choice in someone who might be a total screwup IMHO, but at least he makes his errors honestly and isn't malicious about it. Kerry on the other hand... the visions I was starting to get foreseeing his term were truly terrifying.

I'd move if it came down me losing the rights that our forefathers fought to give us. It may yet happen. I'd move not because of who's in or out of office, but because it would break my heart to stay in an America that's no longer America.

We've got a nation full of people on both sides of the spectrum who can't see beyond their opinions and are flabbergasted that anyone could be so foolish as to not agree with them. The process is fine for them to participate in, but how dare people who disagree with them also participate and (gasp) be the majority!

I love this. It's so bloody true...in just about everything. Politics, sports, fandoms, religion, you name it.

...and I'm positive I had something else to add but my brain's fried from lack of sleep and NaNo. Oh well. It probably wasn't important anyway. ^_^
No, I have too many friends in Canada who don't deserve to get saddled with these whiners. Let's send 'em to Mexico. ^_^
Mind if I quote part of this (with full credit, of course) in my own journal? I was thinking of making a post along these same lines, and part of what you said will tie in perfectly to the point I'd like to make.
Sure, as long as I'm right! ;)
Man, I couldn't agree more. Reading my friends' list this morning was post after post of "whine whine whine oh the tragedy whine whine moving to Canada".

These are the same people who said that in 2000, and...they're still here.

The thing that really, really irritates me about this time is that, as far as we know, the process worked. Everything went smoothly. (Exception: there were really long lines in some places, and people had to wait hours. But that's a sign that the process is really healthy, as so many people are turning out to exercise their rights.)

Now, my ballot is not matching completely with the winners, but you know what? That's democracy. Once it's settled, I'll get behind the winners, and hopefully we can move on as a country.
Er, I misspoke slightly: What really irritates me is that the process worked, and people are still declaring the end of the world due to the outcome.
I don't want to leave the country, I like this country. I just don't like the uninformed and stupid choices many people in our country make.

I'm more upset by the media manipulation, the ugliness of the system, and the apathy of American people. The US has the worst voter turnout of all western democratic nations. This makes the idea that the "majority" has made a decision a little laughable to me. I guess a laughably slim majority of 35% of the population made a decision.

leaving the counry is silly, though.
You're totally right—whatever the result, it would have been determined by a laughably slim majority (and we all knew that going in). Unfortunately, I hear those who would gladly celebrate that margin if it went their way, but poo-poo it and spew about expatriation when it doesn't. I honestly don't mind the possibility of not having those folks in the U.S. population.
And I don't believe for one minute that THAT many people are going to actually leave. All talk.
I wish I could believe it! The same tantrum throwers are inevitably surprised by the fact that people have trouble taking them seriously. Ya think?

That's all you ever hear, no matter what happens...

You can't win for trying sometimes. LOL
I'm so glad to have such a well-spoken friend :D

Have you ever had a friend tell you something like, "Everywhere I go, someone tells me that I should take a bath. I don't smell. I don't know why everyone keeps telling me that I do. I mean, I hear it at the market, the park, at school....I don't stink, so I don't understand why EVERYONE is telling me I do?".

Okay. Or some conversation like that :D

The thing I most want to tell these people is that either the WHOLE REST OF THE WORLD is wrong, and you are right, or.......

And here we have this election where the majority of the country is saying they want President Bush again. But it's still not enough to convince people who don't agree.

I still have to hear, "how did this happen, when the majority of Americans.....".


Because it's the same thing down there as it is up here: Californians and Washingtonians can't really believe that the rest of the country actually thinks differently than we do.
I'm not happy with the war, with people dieing with the Iraqi's who are in the wrong place at the wrong time and get blown up. It's war it happens. But I can't vote for a person who believes in killing babies.

When Mary became pregnant with Jesus it says the spirit of the Lord came upon her. She was pregnant at that moment with our Lord. It says in no place that 3 months later God put the spirit of Jesus in her. he was God at that moment in human form and so I don't believe there is such a thing as a fetus. I believe they are babies.

In knowing that I can not vote for someone who feels killing babies is acceptable behavior.

Now as for all these people wanting to move, it's just going to be upsetting for awhile and if we give them grace it will all settle down soon. Grace is a wonderful thing.

no one likes to be abandoned....

but perhaps giving them a few days to recover? i think it's a good thing that people have been so invested in this election, and have had enough hope to actually invest themselves in the process and the results.

what if instead of being annoying whiners these people actually are feeling frightened and betrayed? what if (rightly or wrongly) they actually do think this is the beginning of very dark times? what if they're not self-centered as much as genuinely discouraged and devastated?

"don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya" seems like rather cold response.

Re: no one likes to be abandoned....

I certainly wouldn't say that simply to people who disagreed with the election results, or with me. But if people want to hop on the drama train and talk about expatriating, I don't have a problem with their riding it to the end of the line. That's not a partisan bias on my part; there are people on all sides who do this.

If people are only going to be encouraged when they get their way, living in community of any kind is going to be a real challenge. If people are going to feel betrayed by how others voted in an election, they have a bizzaro definition of "betrayal." I'm up for facing those challenges with anyone who wants to stay agreed on the process over their opinion. And even if they don't, I'm OK with that. But if they say they want to leave because of it, they just might be onto something.

I do agree that people will be grieving losses, and that's OK too. I'm certainly not deporting anyone; I'm just not locking the door.


I over heard some Kerry supporters talking about something like that today. I found it ironic that Kerry conceded the election yet they still won't. I couldn't help but think, "If American democracy pisses you off so much...perhaps you would care to try Iraqi democracy (or no democracy at all, for that matter)." But, no. If they had enough resolve they could turn their whining into a partisan bestseller that would sit in the middle aisle of a chain bookstore along with dozens of similar books with similar stories and similar opinions only to be thrown away and forgotten in five years time when their "timely message" is no longer relevent, interesting, or "important."
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