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Beautiful days

This day is beautiful. I'm still in my flannel pants, finishing a pot of Earl Grey and watching Star Trek: The Next Generation from my TiVo (it's still the best thing ever). Plan to get out for a bit later, as well as calling my sister. Party upstairs tonight; I should put in an appearance to be neighborly, but truly have no interest (I barely know my upstairs neighbors and don't know any of their friends). That's the kind of thing that's easier with a date.

Not looking forward to the next couple of months. This campaign silliness has already run its course, and it doesn't take a precog to predict that the real bitterness is still on the way after the election. Whoever loses will hurl accusations at whoever wins, with endless posturing and legal maneuvering. In my opinion, it's just a countdown to see how ugly we can all really be. I'm afraid I've got a pretty good idea. The state of our union is tenuous at best.

No matter. There will still be beautiful days like this, regardless of the volumes of self-righteous bluster. My future is determined by my Abba, not in a voting booth. And He loves me.


You've inspired me to have tea.
How was it?
you and those flannel plants. :)

It's gorgeous outside!
oops - pants. HAHAHA!
Maybe I should talk about my other pants (and plants) in my journal? They may feel left out...

This day is very gorgeous!
nope - just the flannel ones. :)

It's going to thunderstorm tonight - YAY!
Are you serious? I love thunderstorms!
I do, too! They energize me.
Life does NOT get better than knowing that your Abba loves you, and watching Star Trek TNG!!!!!!!

I spent the better half of my youth longing to be Deanna Troi.
That's not a bad aspiration!