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When Signs came out, people who knew me told me I needed to see it. Not in the general sense of "it's a good movie." The emphasis was always on the "you"—"You need to see it." Shyamalan is one of my favorite directors. Unbreakable is one of my favorite movies. Yet, for whatever reason, I never saw it.

This week, I rented Signs. This morning, I finished watching it.

They didn't know. None of them did.

I may not go into the office today.


Was there a hint about what you thougt about in this post? Cause I'm dumb and you have to really spell things out.

Signs was one of my very favorite movies. Ever.

And not because I like aliens. Cause I don't.
You're not dumb; there are some things I don't spell out so much.

It'll probably be one of my favorites, too; it just hit very close to home and to where I am in some places. Almost as if there's a plan or something.
Ironic. ;)
you really thought it was that good?

surprised. i wasn't into it.

i guess you have to have a predisposition to the director....?
I do, but I was more impacted because some of the details are resonant with my own story.
So what did you think? I can't tell by your entry.
When I watched it I was really struck by how well he conveyed the isolation disappointment and fear can create. Then again maybe it was just what I was going through at the time. There was also the whole fear of the unknown aspect and how some people deal with that when pushed into a corner.

I often tend to project though ... so who knows?
Sounds like it was moving for you too! Quite a testament to Shyamalan's talent.